Hellboy: The Storm #3

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And with this, the third issue, Hellboy:  The Storm is over.

After the six issues of Darkness Calls and the eight issues of Wild Hunt, the three issues of The Storm seems rather small.  Upon reading the stories, the name reminds me of the phrase “The calm before the storm.”  After all, it appears the storm is coming, and Hellboy will undoubtedly be in the center of it.

With this issue, Mike Mignola (Hellboy‘s creator and the writer here) and Duncan Fregado (the artist) finish their third arc together.  The fourth arc, the actual storm, will finish this longer story started in Darkness Calls and continued in the Wild Hunt.  It will, I understand, bring Hellboy back to the BPRD.  This fourth arc is called The Fury.  We do not have an actual publishing date for this miniseries yet.  There you can see where the name of this mini-series comes from:  The Storm and the Fury.

How can I comment on The Storm?  It seems incomplete in its shortness;  I want to read The Fury, and I hope it comes out soon.

In the meantime, to satisfy our craving, BPRD: Hell on Earth: New World has four more issues to come out this year.  #2 is due out next Thursday, September 9.

Bottom Line:  $2.99/2.99 (How many comic books are still $2.99???)

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