Comic Reviews: Hellboy Beasts of Burden

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I love a good one shot! Occasionally it’s nice to have a self contained story that doesn’t leave you scrambling for crossovers and back issues, or pining for next month’s issue. The catch is that you never know what you are going to get with a Hellboy one shot. The last one shot was about Mexican Luchadores, this issue is a cross over with Evan Dorkin’s “Beasts of Burden.” This issue is written by Mike Mignola and Evan Dorkin, with art by Jill Thompson.

Hellboy is in Lancaster County, PA to kill a vampire. After defeating the vampire HB is recruited by the Wise Dog Society (a group of animal paranormal investigators) to help look into some animal ritual killings. They enter a cave that I repeatedly told them not to go into, and the paranormal took place.

First off I have never read “Beasts of Burden” I knew it existed, but I’ve never picked up an issue, so I had no idea what I was getting into. This comic didn’t have the usual epic/world ending Hellboy mood, that I have grown accustomed to lately, and it was nice to have something lighter in mood again(I mean come on how seriously can you take a team up with house hold pets). I think it was a little too cute for something I would want to read regularly, but as an interim it was refreshing.

The art work was probably the biggest shock for me. Hellboy always seems to have a certain style, no matter who is drawing. Thompson’s art work was wonderful. Apparently Thompson is the regular for “Beasts of Burden”, and her work seems to better fit this type of lighter story, rather than the usual HB gloom and doom. Thompsons work was primarily in water colors, and a lot of the panels where gorgeous.

This book is $3.50, and I think it worth a look.

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