Hell Yeah! Bad Boys 3 in Development

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I’ve never been entirely sure why but I’m a massive fan of Bad Boys 1 & 2.  They’re not great films but they are great fun to watch, especially if you like guns, explosions, fast cars and hot women.  Will Smith has always talked of doing a third film and I’m pretty sure at this stage Martin Lawrence will sign up for anything that gets him noticed, the question is can they afford to get Michael Bay back in the directors chair?

The problem with Bay is that he’s now got two films under his belt (Transformers 1 & 2) that he not only receives a fat stack of cash when he directs them he also get a percentage of the merchandising rights which for films like Transformers is mega bucks.  Hopefully Peter Craig who is the writer Columbia have hired to pen a screenplay for potential film will just write the word EXPLODE over and over for 120 pages and that should be enough to get Bay on board.

The guys over at Slashfilm have pointed out that Bay may have been subconsciously thinking about Bad Boys 3 before development began or he may have left a subtle hint in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.  When Sam first goes crazy and writes random symbols all over his dorm room he writes the number 3 on a poster for Bad Boys 2.

What do you guys think, coincidence or a subtle hint?

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