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Heisenberg in Westeros? George R.R. Martin Talks Breaking Bad

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breaking-bad-gotGeorge R.R. Martin tends to think that AMC’s Breaking Bad has a villain more diabolical and evil than any of his characters in Westeros, and he’s going to fix that.

On GRRM’s Live Journal he had the following to say about the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

Amazing series. Amazing episode last night. Talk about a gut punch.

Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros.

(I need to do something about that).

Now that doesn’t mean he’s planning on taking Heisenberg to the land of Westeros. I’ll admit that’s a bit of linkbait for you to click, but c’mon with some of the villains that Mr. Martin has put into his books, he says that Walter White is worse? Damn, that’s cold blooded. I honestly could not imagine anyone being worse in the Game of Thrones universe because you have to admit, that land is already pretty brutal.

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