Hector: Episode 3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom Review

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“Hands off me sack, ye wee daftie!”

After surviving being held at gunpoint, blowing up the building he was in, and then finally finding the true identity of the terrorist, the scene fades to black with Hector being clubbed in the back of the head. Whatever will he do now? Drink til he goes blind? Fart hard enough to need a change of underwear? Start snapping necks til he gets answers? Well, before that we’re going to need to find some pants cause now you are waking up wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Worse than that, the terrorist has devised the most diabolical torture device a twisted, horrible mind could dream up. A treadmill. That alone should be grounds for shooting this terrorist, but he took it a step further and hooked up the treadmill to the sewage system. If Hector stops running, the room starts filling with the most foul mixture imaginable. To make matters worse, your sidekick Lambert is handcuffed inside a bathtub with a toaster dangling above. Without some quick thinking, we could end up with two cops electrocuted and drowned in feces.

This episode does feel a bit more on the climactic side since you now know the identity of the terrorist and are hot on his heels to stop his diabolical plan. It keeps you clicking trying to find the next path to take. Due to the feel of urgency, his casual walking speed, the time wasted speaking with the locals, and some of the combinations of the most mundane items makes you feel like you are wasting time and makes the game feel slow at those points. The dialogue and predicaments are, as always, very humorous and are the meat and potatoes of the entire story. Hector’s antics and haphazard attitude kept me laughing throughout the plot. They give you a small amount of time that you have to play as Lambert, which as I said in my last review, isn’t the most fun, but luckily you switch back and forth often enough to keep you happy.

Due to the pacing of the game, it gives you a few instances of thinking the game is

SOUND: 80%

over, just to have more puzzles to continue on with. It was nice to have a bit more afterward to keep you playing. A fun game for a try through. Great to have on your mobile phone to play as you go, but sadly, not much replay value since you’ll know all the connections and dialogue options.

Cheers, Straandlooper!

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