Hector: Episode 2 – Senseless Acts of Justice review

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After a climactic ending of the first chapter it looks like we may not have Hector with us anymore. We see Hector rushing into the hostage filled building and then it ends with a single gunshot.

"Good thing I brought my bulletproof pizza."

Of course, the game can’t end there right? We now jump in with Hector having to outwit a remote controlled gun aimed right at his face. Pretty high intensity stuff compared to the first game. Sadly after that, it tones down a bit and you go back to the classic point and click work necessary to find the culprit. Unfortunately you have to relinquish control of Hector for periods of time to control his sidekick Lambert. This ends up feeling like the latter Pirates of the Caribbean movies where you came to see Jack Sparrow but get stuck watching Will Turner and Ms. Swan. Luckily, it doesn’t last too long if you can get through the puzzles and continues on with the haphazard combining of COMPLETELY unconnected items to solve the puzzles.

Like you + these ladies = gonasyphaherpalaids. Who could have guessed that?!

I find that the novelty of the main character’s gruff, demeaning dialogue carried me through the first episode, but seems to have lost it’s potency now. I’ll chuckle here and there, but it doesn’t keep me wanting to click here and there hoping for a random connection that will let me continue through. Maybe this is due to the letdown of the high intensity situation of being held at gun point has now been led into a slow paced, mind numbing, experience.

In Telltale’s Puzzle Agent they had a feature that allowed you to click on any point of the screen and a ripple would permeate from there showing you any

SOUND: 70%

points of interest. It didn’t show everything right off so it still required searching, but it didn’t require such insane levels of frantic OCD clicking to find every clue and tool within the building. I can’t help but think this title would be helped by such an item.

Perhaps the third title will speed up the pace and keep the energy levels up a little better.

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