Hector: Badge of Carnage – Review

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To stop a hostage situation, Hector may have to put his mind to the test… or at least put on some trousers.

Hector isn’t your average cop. He’s a loud, foulmouthed, slob of a man who is more likely to stay in bed then he is to come to the aid of the town when a terrorist takes hostages. This is where we first meet Hector. Asleep in a cell with no pants, surrounded by a sea of empty bottles and filth.

He wakes to the sound of the phone ringing but finds himself locked in. Commence the puzzle solving. After MacGyver-ing his way out of the cell and into some stolen pants, he is finally apprised of the situation. There is a hostage situation and he is needed as a negotiator. The perpetrator’s demands, however, aren’t for an escape vehicle and a wad of cash. His demands are of a much nobler and reputable nature.

Hector is a great character. He starts off immediately making you laugh at his own expense with comments like, “No fat bird sitting next to me this time, good sign.” and “This mattress has left countless women filled with regret.” He is extremely quotable. The story and writing are delightful and will keep you guffawing through to the end. Hector of course being the star and creator of most of the comedy such as hitting hobos with crowbars and kicking heroin addicts.

Graphics are clean and crisp with a simple 2D hand drawn feel. Vibrant colors and great backdrops for each area that are highly interactive. You’ll at least get a glib comment from Hector at even some of the most boring parts of the decor. You may get quite a bit more when it’s something more interesting which may take a few clicks to get all the information.

Gameplay is simple to learn since it’s a point-and-click adventure, but can be quite challenging

SOUND: 90%

because of the puzzles. Sometimes it can be quite tedious when your only options for interacting are clicking on random things in a specific order. Realizing which items are necessary to use in certain situations and which ones combine with others to create new items allows for tons of possibilities. Luckily the script makes this fun too. Most of the items will simply get Hector’s response, “I can’t mix those!” or some other similar remark of denial, but many others create fun dialogue as well. Like trying to give a blind man a handful of lube will result in some interesting conversation instead of a simple, NO. You may find yourself wanting to resort to checking a guide, walkthrough, or just spamming the hint button, but the discovery is half the fun with tons of dialogue that you’d miss out on if you just rush through. Try out a lot of different stuff for fun first. You’ll be surprised how often trying to do something completely random will move the story along.

Overall, a worthwhile game for a small cost. Can’t wait to see the next episode!

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