Ryan Thomason

HBO Showing Game of Thrones for Free Tonight?

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You’d imagine my surprise Friday night when I decided to look at the movie channels that I don’t subscribe to and found that magically, I have HBO all of a sudden. Obviously the first thing I did was pan to Sunday and set Game of Thrones to record on my DVR. I didn’t put two and two together that this might be a marketing ploy, so I hit the web and talked to some Peeps. Then I ate the Peeps (mmm Easter candy) and called some friends instead.

Though I’ve found no confirmed sources, it appears from calling friends and family who don’t subscribe to the HBO service, they’ve found that they at least have it for this weekend. Is this an attempt by HBO to bolster the numbers for their huge series? It’s a no brainer if that is the reality. You might not get a huge amount of converts on a free weekend, but if you give people a taste of something like Game of Thrones, you might win over a lot of new subscriptions.

Even though I’ll probably not see Episode 2 of the first season until it comes out on DVD, I at least got to watch Terminator: Salvation for the first time this weekend. Thanks HBO!

Check your providers and see if you’re getting in on the free HBO for Game of Thrones action!

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