Ryan Thomason

HBO Not Joining the Netflix Streaming Bandwagon

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Well, if the last week had you excited about all the new stuff Netflix was going to be streaming on their service, this might let out a little air in your balloon. HBO is sticking to their own HBO Go service instead of joining ranks with Netflix. Come on HBO, join the legion, and you? Read on.

After busting open the bank to sign a deal with Epix for the online rights to the films from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Netflix is still hungry for more, and HBO stands right in the middle of their path. HBO has the lock and key on the internet rights for major film studios Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Pictures. Making Netflix locked out from streaming from those studios, for now.

HBO Co-President Eric Kessler said. “There is value in exclusivity,” Kessler said in an interview. Consumers “are willing to pay a premium for high quality, exclusive content,” he said.

Netflix, even though are not at a standstill on getting more movies for their libraries are still holding out that a deal can be made. Steve Swasey, a spokesman for Netflix said. “Compete with us or collaborate with us, but we would much rather work with them.”

Let’s hope something can be worked out to benefit all of mankind.


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