HBO Confirms GIRLS Returning for a Fourth Season

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GIRLS, all I really want is GIRLS


HBO has wasted no time in announcing that GIRLS will return for a fourth season. This is even before the third season has aired. I’d say they’re pretty confident in Lena Dunham‘s writing and directing ability to open up for another season so quickly, especially before seeing the return on viewer ratings for season 3.

I’ve been a fan of Lena Dunham’s talents since Tiny Furniture of which she also wrote, directed, and starred in. Having soared through season 1 of GIRLS with my expectations satisfied, I was not as thrilled with all that season 2 came to bare.

Season 3 returns to HBO this Sunday, January 12th. Will it redeem what it was lacking in season 2 and will it pave the way for a successful season 4?


Are you a fan of GIRLS? Let me know your thoughts below on the first two seasons, what your hopes are for season three, or your thoughts on HBO adding a fourth season to the regimen.

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