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Have a SuperMan Weekend Thanks to DC Comics

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Have some extra cash and want digital copies of a whole ton of Superman Digital Comics? Here is what’s on sale this weekend.

Starting tomorrow (August 30th) DC is initiating a Superman 101 of sorts, if you’ve ever wanted to get into the mythos of Superman here is your best bet. Time to get edumacated! They’ve got all these classic issues on sale in the digital collection, along with modern acclaimed stories including “Superman: Secret Origin” by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, “All-Star Superman” by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely and “Superman: For Tomorrow” by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee. Be sure to download your favorite issues soon, the $.99 prices are only good through Sunday (August 31st).

Remember these are .99 for DIGITAL copies of superman, so check out your iOS and Android DC apps to get the comics.

The Superman 101 digital sale includes:

Classic Tales of the Man of Steel

  • Action Comics #1 (first appearance of Superman and Lois Lane)
  • Action Comics #6 (first appearance of Jimmy Olsen)
  • Action Comics #23 (first appearance of Lex Luthor)
  • Action Comics #252 (first appearance of Supergirl)
  • Superman Annual #11

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

  • Superman #423
  • Action Comics #583

Superman Begins

  • The Man of Steel #1-6
  • Superman: Birthright #1-12
  • Superman: Secret Origin #1-6
  • Superman for All Seasons #1-4

Modern Adventures of the Last Son of Krypton

  • All-Star Superman #1-12
  • Superman: For Tomorrow #204-215
  • Superman: Red Son #1-3

The Death and Return of Superman

  • Superman #75
  • The Adventures of Superman #500
  • Superman #81

“Emperor Joker”

  • Emperor Joker #1
  • Superman #161
  • The Adventures of Superman #583
  • Superman: The Man of Steel #105
  • Action Comics #770

“Superman: Last Son”

  • Action Comics #844-846
  • Action Comics #851
  • Action Comics Annual #11

“Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes”

  • Action Comics #858-863

“Superman: Brainiac”

  • Action Comics #866-870

Super Friends

  • Justice League of America #1
  • JLA #1
  • Superman/Batman #1-6 (Public Enemies)
  • Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #1-3
  • Kingdom Come #1-4

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