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Hatsune Miku 39’s Giving Day CD – Review

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I wish I had the money to actually buy the blu-ray version of this concert, but until that day comes…I guess I’ll just have to settle on the Live CD version of this now infamous concert. Wait, you don’t know what I’m talking about?!? Oh, that’s right, I forgot that not everyone geeks out over J-Pop.

I’ve been watching all of the Youtube videos for this concert for the past month or so and became quickly enamored with how awesome the music was that I did something impulsive (which is strange for me), I went out on a search for an actual physical copy of this concert’s music and/or video. I found a couple of places that had it, but finally found the lowest price I could and quickly had to bid adieu to the hopes of me scoring a blu-ray version of the festivites…because it was damn near $80 for that. Instead, I picked up the CD of the concert which was a little less than half the price of the concert video.

Holy crap, I am completely satisfied in my purchase. This is by far one of the best imports that I’ve ever paid for. I’m not kidding you, I’ve spent more on a Sharon Apple CD before and I don’t even want to talk about how much my Macross: The Complete 3 disc cost me. I did however have to draw the line at picking up the OST for The Wings of Honneamise…that was retardedly expensive, even for a Ryuichi Sakamoto project.

Ok so you’ll probably want to know what’s on the discs. Yeah, discs, as in plural, more than one. The concert is split into 2 discs and contains 31 awesome tracks, including 2 medleys. I do have to admit that I find myself skipping many of the Hatsune Miku songs and going straight to my two favorites from Megurine Luka, “Just Be Friends” and “Double Lariat”. Man I love this concert.

If you’re not a fan of J-Pop or J-Rock, then you probably won’t enjoy this. If you’re not a fan of synthesized voices, they you probably won’t like this. Keep in mind that all of the composers are the real artists on the album the that they used Vocaloid software to provide a singer to the amazing live band that you’re hearing. There’s no live singer anywhere in the whole production…to me, that’s pretty damned cool.

Was it worth every penny? To me, yes, yes, a hundred times yes. There isn’t a song on this compilation that I don’t like. I have listened to this thing so hard that I swear that I’m going to end up wearing the CD down (yes this has happened to me before but usually though mistreating the media itself). So for you Vocaloid fans and Miku fans, I can’t tell you how good it sounds and how much fun it is to hear songs that you’ve listened to multiple times on the Internet played live. Completely worth it.

I will say that if you too plan on paying anywhere the near $40 that I did for this, go with a reputable dealer of Japanese goods, and try google-ing the full title of the show Hatsune Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39’s Giving Day Project DIVA presents Hatsune Miku Solo Concert – Konbanwa, Miku Hatsune desu. Try saying that 3 times fast! My only regret is that I didn’t actually get the blu-ray now. That would sound even better coming out of a surround sound system.

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