Hats Off To Chevelle

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Chevelle’s newest album, Hats Off To The Bull, was released recently on Dec. 6th. I must say, it seems like it came out of nowhere. I do, however, do my best to not listen to the radio, where it was probably announced. It was an ad on Spotify, I think, that finally tipped me off. I am a big fan of Chevelle, so when I heard that their new album WAS ALREADY OUT, a day or so prior, I went out and bought the album immediately.

It is a solid piece of music, a good addition to their library of work. It starts off running with the single, Face To The Floor, a very good song. It stays pretty heavy through track six, Envy, which crescendos for about half the song. It picks right up again with my personal favorite, Hats Off To The Bull. Then it kind of winds down for the next three tracks to the album closer, Clones, finishing the album out strong.

The album is in the same vein as Wonder What’s Next, though it’s not quite as hard. I don’t think anything on Hats Off is as heavy as Don’t Fake This, but it definitely reminds me most of that album.

The artwork on this album is by far my favorite of all of their albums. I wasn’t the fondest of Vena Sera and Sci-Fi Crimes’ album covers. They were fine, but I really think this album’s cover is their best.

Face To The Floor, Hats Off To The Bull, and Clones (tracks 1, 7, and 10) are my favorite. I’ve listened to it multiple times and it hasn’t quite sunk in all the way yet, but it does keep getting better and better.


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