Alan Smithee

Hater Gonna Hate – Modern Warfare 3

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Yeah, I’m definitely a hater and I’m going to hate on the fact that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is so goddamned popular.

I guess you can lump me in with the anti-Madden gamer crowd that just “doesn’t get it” when it comes to this game series…but good god, the latest game in the series sold 6.4 million unity within the first 24 hours of going on sale.

This means that Activision Blizzard sold a whopping $400 MILLION for just the one game in ONE DAY.

I know it shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering how Black Ops raked in almost the same amount last year @ $360 million. I can still be a bit flabbergasted at how a game that is by far a repackaging of the last game’s multiplayer (which is the selling point for most gamers in the world right now it seems) with a “half-assed attempt at a single player campaign” which aren’t even my words, but those of someone who actually bought the game on release night.

I’m going to voice my opinion here and just not buy the game as those are the only two options open to me as a consumer…but I can’t help but hang my head in shame at how popular this game has become. I should work on that short term memory because we all know when you get a Mountain Dew flavor named after your game, you’ve officially jumped the shark.

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