Has Jeff Gerstmann learned his lesson?

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The jokes are so obvious, it’s almost unfair of me to write this article. Almost being the key word. In a very unfortunate choice of words, the director of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Karsten Lund, talked to CVG recently and told them, “I expect reviews to be a lot better [than the first Kane & Lynch]. I hope it’s going to be better, at least.”

Really IO Interactive? The review scores of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men were the center of one of the biggest controversies in the gaming journalism industry of the last decade, in which Jeff Gerstmann was fired from his spot at GameSpot soon after he gave the original Kane & Lynch a 6.0. So it really is baffling to me that IO would come out shortly before the release of Dog Days and say, “I think the first game did a lot of things right. We’re trying to enhance those as well. So I do expect higher scores.”

Hear that GameSpot reviewers? Higher scores for Kane & Lynch 2, or you’ll make Karsten Lund cry. And lose your job.

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