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Hardware Test – GoSmart Stylus

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GoSmart-StylusReviewer was provided a 300-series and 200-series GoSmart Stylus for review.

The Hardware

GoSmart Stylus, 200-series and 300-series. The 200-series (pictured above, in blue) has a more traditional pen-like design, complete with clip for easy pocket access. The 300-series (pictured above, in red) is a unique rocket design with a rubberized cap that acts both as a cover and a stand. Both styluses reviewed feature earth magnets on the side of their aluminum bases, allowing the user to attach them on any magnet friendly surface. The most unique feature of the GoSmart stylus is its springed metallic cross-hair designed tip coated in polytetrafluoroethylene, allowing for a smooth and relatively noise-free experience..

The Test

Google Nexus 7 Tablet without screen protector

Tablets are where the GoSmart Stylus excels. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the screen from the oils that months of using your finger will result in, you’ll never want to go back. With my previous brick-and-motor branded rubberized stylus, I found myself constantly mistapping and fighting with every bit of dirt that ever got on the screen. The GoSmart Stylus not only made inaccuracy a thing of the past, but made short work of the dust without risking scratching the screen.

Nintendo 3DS

Due to the lip surrounding  the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS, attempting to use the GoSmart Stylus on the system was a practice in futility. The stylus worked like a dream for games that rely solely on the touch screen, such as Elite Beat Agents. However, attempting to play any game that required the edge of the screen was virtually impossible with the stylus, not to mention that the extra bulk made it tough to hold the system and the stylus at the same time.

PlayStation Vita

While the stylus worked wonderfully on the Vita’s screen, I have yet to find a game for the system that requires the level of accuracy the peripheral is best suited for. Games that require the rear touch pad, like Little Deviants, will not benefit at all from this stylus.


If you are looking for a high-quality stylus for a large touch screen, the GoSmart Stylus is one of the best. Personally, I found the 300-series stylus to be the most comfortable to use, but those with the tendency for accident-proneness (the end might not be sharp, but a poorly-timed sneeze might result in a recreation of the pencil scene in The Dark Knight) might want to opt for the more traditional 200-series. The 200-series and 300-series can be had at $24.99 a piece.

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