Alan Smithee

Happy (belated) New Years From MWN

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Ok so 2009 is finally over…somebody took it out back behind the barn and put a slug in its noggin. I can’t be happier. A huge period of ‘no time’ has finally passed and I now find myself staring, mouth agape over the possibilities this this upcoming year will bring us whores, and all other slaves to the media.

Normally, we’re not the kind to make New Year’s resolutions…but this year we all thought we’d try to add a little levity to the asinine resolutions that people seem to always make.


I resolve to make more money doing less work while shifting all blame for my faults onto the .

But seriously, I resolve to actually play a new game the week that it comes out *COUGH* MASSEFFECT2 *COUGH*, and enjoy myself while doing so.


I resolve to stop taking on so much work that I don’t have time do the things I enjoy, like making music and writing.

I also resolve to tone down the whole “I like little girls” thing… but not really.


I resolve to become a horrible super villain bent on World Domination!

On a serious note I hope to: Get a job – Build a decent rig – Buy a half decent camcorder – Buy a PS3 – Start getting driving lessons (after April 2010) – Start seriously putting money into savings (for future trip/others) – Think about going to more gigs, preferably with friends.

Ryan Wilson

I resolve to publish a game. That’s it, that’s all I want to do this year.

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