Halo: Reach at Comic-Con – Everything you need to know

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Yet more fapping over Halo:Reach here at WPR, with the latest news coming from this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. First off, is the next iteration of Forge mode, which was introduced in Halo 3. This began simply as a objects editor for the maps of that game, but developed into a big feature that led to a lot of community made maps in the canvas maps of Foundry and Sandbox.

It wasn’t perfect however, as object placement was clunky and merging objects together or into walls required glitching the game’s physics engine. Not anymore though, as you can see in the video, Bungie have made changes to Forge to make it easy for anyone to make complicated structures. However the thing that’s got everyone talking is the sheer size of the map. I’ll let the video do the talking for that.

It may not be at the level of FarCry 2 or Timesplitters 2’s map makers but it’s certainly going to be easy to make some cool maps, especially considering we could see remakes of old Halo maps made within days of the game’s release. Hit the jump for what else has come out from Comic-Con.

It was already known that Firefight would be making a return from its ODST debut but there is now an addition to the mode called Firefight Versus. It is essentially the same concept except instead of up to 4 player controlled Spartans, there are up to 2 player controlled Spartans and up to 2 player controlled Elites, who join in with the AI Covenant to take down the human team. Human players will get bonus points if they kill an Elite player and the Elite players simply win if they can kill the Spartans. Nothing big but it’s sound like a fun mode none the less.

Finally, here are some other videos about the two new modes put up over the last day (Thanks to NeoGAF for collecting these)

An IGN video highlighting the armoury seen last week
A Gamespot video showing a demo of the new Forge mode
An IGN video showing off Firefight mode

So is Reach looking to be one hell of a swansong for Bungie’s Halo involvement or am I just a Halof*g getting too excited?

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