Alan Smithee

Halo: Reach’s First ViDoc – Once More Into the Breach

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more like Halo: Reacharound because Bungie is giving us complete fan service here

The minds at Bungie have provided us with a few new details of Halo: Reach’s story, characters and how they designed the game to play out in an all new ViDoc titled “Once More Into the Breach”. While it’s nice hearing the developers pimp their product, I was watching it looking for subtle clues as to what we could expect…and so far I’ve found a few things that would interest you guys.

There are confirmed Brutes appearing in the game, you can now do stealth kills (didn’t play ODST so I didn’t know if that was included with that one), a grenade launcher that rivals that of the M79, and character action that looks more real than anything I’ve ever seen in a shooter. This game is going to be wicked. Day one purchase for me.

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