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Halo: Reach – 3 More Videos

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Well, continuing with the video onslaught that are Fridays here at WPR I wanted to share with you all the newest videos I could find of Halo: Reach, and I have to say…By Crom, this game needs to be in my Xbox right now. Not only is firefight now teasered in the video above, but we’ve got some excellent space warfare videos below.

The first video introduces us to two of the Spartan IIs as they are strapped into a fighter and are propelled into space…with amazing visuals.

Once the shuttles are in space they approach their targets, a horde of Covenant banshees closing in on UNSC military facilities in orbit. The gameplay on the last 2 videos focuses on the space gameplay they promised at E3. This kind of stuff reminds me of the same gameplay that hasn’t been matched since Colony Wars and Wing Commander.

I have such a boner for space combat games that it’s not even funny. I mean, you’re talking to the guy who used to play Wing Commander, Tie Fighter, and Colony Wars religiously. Good thing the game’s release is just around the corner.

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