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Halo 3: ODST – Really Late Review

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Dutch aka Adam BaldwinI usually don’t buy games on their release date anymore. It’s just something that doesn’t interest me anymore. My thoughts on the matter are that the game will be around for quite some time and they’ll eventually be cheaper…and I’m all about saving a few bucks here and there.

I’m certain that I’m not the only person who waits to get games for much less than they cost when they first show up in the stores, otherwise sites like Cheap Ass Gamer wouldn’t exist. It’s with that in mind that I bring you the latest in WPR’s series of gaming features: Really Late Review.

For Father’s Day my loving wife picked up Halo 3: ODST and I spent the past week or so playing it. You might just be surprised as to my findings with this game.

Halo 3 ODST box artTitle: Halo 3: ODST
Developer: Bungie
Genre: First Person Shooter
Original Release Date: September 22, 2009
Xopher Buy Date: June 20, 2010
Xopher Finish Date: June 29, 2010

I didn’t really have my hopes up when it came to ODST, I knew that it was essentially going to be an expansion to the game it shares most of its title with. I didn’t also expect to actually have as good of a time as I did playing it.

I’ve been a Halo apologist since day 1 of the game when it first came out on the Xbox so many years ago. I was even one of those retarded few to pay for the Legendary edition of Halo 3 at full price and wait in line to pick mine up at midnight. Hell, I’ve even read most of the novels that the series spawned. I am one of those few fans that appreciates the series for it’s story and not just for it being a popular Multiplayer FPS.

The game admittedly is not for those who are casual fans of the Halo series, this one was made for the people who just need to know what happened in New Mombasa after the Covenant went into slipspace over the city. I’ll get it out of the way right now, this game was a blast for me, but at the same time I can easily see where people wouldn’t like it at all.

Best part of the game was the actual orbital drop

My first set of kudos comes from the fact that you play the game from the perspective of an ODST, a regular human who has been trained to be a soldier…albeit one of the most elite the humans can muster against the Covenant, but still a born and bred human who had a childhood and life to live until they joined the UNSC. The Spartan II program that was enacted to fight unrest on colonies took children from families and raised them as soldiers and even went so far as to modify them to be more human than human, if you’ll allow the proper use of the term. That’s the biggest difference here. You’re NOT the Master Chief Spartan John 117, you’re one of the enlisted and it’s pretty apparent

Just try to pull off some of the stunts that you’ve been able to do since the first game and you’ll find out that there is an ocean of differences between a supersoldier and a regular grunt. Even the damned Covenant grunts are harder to kill…and don’t even get me started on the amount of brutes.

Second would have to be that the game wasn’t all-killer-no-filler. There were many scenes in the game, mainly with the rookie, where it played out like a film noir set in the Halo universe. There’s nothing like trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle of what’s really going on in the game together in distinct set pieces. Each character that you took control of to tie in the stories, had it’s own feel and it’s own set of challenges that goes to show you that the guys from Bungie really care about providing a broad set of challenges and stages to their players.

Third and final would have to be the Firefly reunion of Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion. That’s it for this one.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. I still have yet to play the MP aspect that makes up half the purchase price of this game, and probably never will. Since Halo: Reach is coming in soon, the MP beta for that is closed and I missed the boat on that one as well. To top it all off, there is a bit of tediousness when it comes to the later levels in the game, but it’s Halo they’ll all say so it gets a bye for that one little problem.

Is it the best game in the world? No. Is it one I’d pick up again at the same price had I not already bought it and beat it? No, I’d wait for the price to drop just a little more. What would I pay at the most for this game? I’d say that a $20 bill would have suited this game just fine…considering it essentially is just an expansion anyways.

Bottom Line: $20/$40

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