Half Minute Hero Coming To XBLA

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The 30 second RPG title Half Minute Hero is making the move from PSP to XBLA next month. Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax is out on June 29th and will cost 800 Microsoft Points.

If you haven’t heard of Half Minute Hero, it’s an RPG game in style of the old 8-bit adventures, the difference being that each RPG lasts for just 30 seconds. Think of it as a bit like WarioWare, only with RPGs. The XBLA version is promising over 60 RPGs that will each have their own leaderboard as well as an online versus RPG called Super Hero Wars. Of course, just because each RPG only lasts 30 seconds doesn’t make the game short as every RPG will get progressively harder. This version will also let you alternate between HD art and 8-bit art. You can find some screenshots below. I’m not usually a traditional RPG fan, but the feedback for the original PSP version was positive and there can’t possibly any grinding in 30 seconds…right?

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