Comic Review: Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #1

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“Cassie Hack is the lone survivor of an attack by a slasher called the Lunch Lady… a slasher who happened to be her mother! After years of battling slashers and other high strangeness—and paying the price of everything she held dear—Cassie thought to escape her life of fighting evil. But the monsters and madmen who threaten the world never rest, and neither can Cassie Hack.”

“Kiss it!”

So reads the intro to this new arc in the Hack/Slash universe.

Cover image courtesy of Image Comics

Cover image courtesy of Image Comics


Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #1
Script: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley
Art by: Emilio Laiso
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: July 2, 2014

Get yourself a copy of Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #1.

Hack is back…whether she likes it or not. This time she is teaming up with a new burley bounty hunter to take on an evil cult of monsters who are trying to awaken Attan-Soolu the monster god. Hack’s reluctant attitude to take on the occult once again quickly turns to enthusiasm when she finds out the cult of monsters have nefarious plans for a young boy. But is this boy all that he seems?

Hack/Slash Son of Samhaim #1 was entertaining. I enjoy the occult, and I love me a good antihero. Cassie Hack seems to have no lack of issues that makes her human and relatable. She’s tough, selfish, a bit broken, but when it comes down to it her heart is there. This first issue is a great build up for what I can only assume is an epic apocalypse dodging adventure.

The art is certainly great in this book. Emilio Laiso who’s done work on Gore, 3 Gunn, and Grimm Fairy Tales certainly has a knack for drawing gruesome details. Seeing the teeth graphically smashed from the head of a monster is honestly what I like to see in my comics. Not to mention his style is perfect in my opinion. Not too cartoonish, not to high art. Much like main character Cassie Hack Laiso art is relatable.

I will say this series isn’t the best one that I’m following, but it’s better than mediocre. If you have time to pick up a new series I seriously suggest it, but if you’re spread thin as it is you can probably pass on this one. Especially if monsters and slashers aren’t your thing. I for one will be following this series month to month.

My recommendation: If you like Hellblazer, Hack/Slash My First Maniac , and Spawn you probably like Hack/Slash Son of Samhain.


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