Hack/Slash 2011 Annual: Hatchet/Slash – Mini Review

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Hack/Slash 2011 Annual: Hatchet/Slash, is far from something I would go down to my local comic book shop and buy.

Never been much into horror stories so I was not really looking forward to this. The art is ok isn’t the best out there, but I guess they are looking for a “rough around the edges” style. There still a few pages that are good though. The story arc is as interesting as a horror movie. Predicable in most scenes and just plain…why? But that’s horror for you.

Look i’m not going to give it the 5 star rating. This isn’t my scene but I gave it a shot.

If you like horror go buy it read it and enjoy it, I honestly believe that it has a good story arc just not my cup of tea.

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