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H+ Warns Us of Future Transhumanism

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Bryan Singer hasn’t given up, not even after releasing perhaps the best bit of period piece mutant love story in X-Men: First Class. He’s been busy at work on a new series that will be airing on the Internet sometime this year we hope as there’s been no official release date yet and it looks pretty complete to me.

The trailer paints a what if scenario in which humanity has finally found a way to have themselves wired to the Internet 24 hours a day…all without personal computers or even ridiculous head gear. Instead, people will connect through a direct mind link that is possible through a miniscule implant that essentially turns your whole mind into an Internet device.

I think that the trailer does a really good job on letting us know the premise, I only wish that it weren’t so transparent in their message. I mean, we’ve already been subject to this material before. Did anyone even watch Futurama or that second modern Appleseed movie?

Besides all the tried and tested story points, I give this series credit for looking as good as it does without being a major motion picture. It should be an interesting watch to say the least.

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