GWAR B-Q Adventures Part Two: Meat Sandwich

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This is part two of my adventures at this year’s Gwar B-Q! Read part one here.


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Saturday my fellow bohabs showed up and wandered around in everything from homemade costumes to almost nothing at all. The first thing I did was get my picture taken with the GWAR Ghoul! Then it was time for music! Eat the Turn Buckle started things off on the second stage with their violent bloody rock and wrestling show. Broken doors and barbwire were everywhere! Later in the day, I chatted with them, and perhaps because I’m an indie wrestler, they offered me a free t-shirt in exchange for their dirty ice bucket challenge. I accepted. Despite how nasty the water was, it was surprisingly refreshing.

Though not nearly as satisfying as GWAR B-Q’s barbecue. There were venders selling burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and even barbecued oysters. I passed these by and headed over to the official GWAR stand to try their famous Meat Sandwich. Which I was assured that the meat was killed, shredded and cooked by GWAR’s own goat-legged guitarist BalSac the Jaws of Death. If that’s true, he is as good a cook as he is a musician. I loved the food and I ate it covered in extra GWAR-BQ sauce to to get the full flavor.068 (768x1024)

I decided to check out all that was going on at Hadad’s lake while I ate my Meat Sandwich. There was a skate park for those that brought their boards. There was a giant water park full of kids splashing around. People were even playing volleyball and GWAR bean bag toss! Then there was the Spew Olympics where people competed in rope swinging and belly flopping. I was glad I wore my swim shorts so I could spend a small amount of time in the water myself.

As I left the pool and returned to the lake I saw stuntmen riding bicycles into the water off a ramp. There were also row boats available free for public use. There was even a GWAR tattoo stand for those who wanted to remember the day in ink. I was tempted, but didn’t want to give up too much of my day. Instead, I tried my hand at the dunking booth. The would-be-dunkie was a great heckler. I missed on my first ball, but hit the button on my second try and finally managed to dunk the guy.

When the local Richmond band, Kepone hit the stage I was surprised to see Michael Bishop, Former Beefcake the Mighty, singing. They played an amazing set of songs. Even some old Death Piggy (Dave Brockie’s first band) covers!

After the set, I headed to the CRYPT of CHAOS, a GWAR-themed haunted house. It was top notch as haunted houses go. I ran into Mr. Perfect (GWAR’s villain from their latest album Battle Maximus) I think I even found Zod in there. Of course I didn’t leave without getting soaked in blood. Mad respect to the actors who were in that hot haunted house terrorizing bohabs all day.

I wouldn’t normally give a shout out to a product, but huge thanks to Monster energy drinks for supplying the fans with free beverages all day long while most venders were selling soda and water. It was a hot day and the free drinks were much appreciated.

Hopped up on taurine, I headed to the main stage to see The Misfits! They were featured “Special Guests” on the line up and were one of the most anticipated bands of the day. They opened with “Halloween” and followed with many fan favorites including “Die, Die My Darling” and “Skulls.” At some point during the show something hit guitarist Dez Cadena from behind, he seemed upset, but frontman Jerry Only managed to calm him down and they continued the show. If that was part of the act I don’t know. Towards the end of their set they dedicated “Descending Angel” to Oderus. That has always been one of my favorite songs and it made for a great moment.

Afterwards, I was lucky enough to have Jerry Only and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce sign my shirt. I also managed to get Slymenstra Hymen’s signature across my heart when I saw her before the show. Later, I saw BalSac and Sawborg Destructo attempting to play mini golf with his buzzsaw arm.

However, I couldn’t find Adam Green’s autograph signing. I ran into him near his dressing room and a staff member found him a table, but because the signing was thrown together at the last moment, many fans missed the opportunity to meet Adam Green. Bad for them, good for me since that meant no line and an opportunity to chat with Green and get an exclusive video just for you!

Meeting Green was awesome. He was a real down-to-earth guy. He didn’t even charge for autographs.

Hatebreed was next on the main stage and they didn’t disappoint! They were even joined by Randy Blythe! Hard to top that, but finally on stage was Body Count! Not that they needed any introduction but Ice-T gave them one hell of one. He then introduced himself to be known from now on as “Mother Fucking Ice-T, Bitch!” he pushed the mosh pit’s limits with the band’s new song “Manslaughter”and classics like “Cop Killer.”

The next day, I ran into Body Count, minus Ice-T at the airport. They added their John Hancocks to my shirt. The GWAR-BQ was an epic experience thus far, the only thing left was to see GWAR them selves. Check back soon to read the final chapter of my GWAR-BQ adventures!

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