Ryan Thomason

Guys Only Buy These For Your Wife/Girlfriend, IF SHE IS A GEEK [UPDATE]

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If you are not married to the geek type of woman (as I am) do not purchase these unless you like getting that stare that goes deep into your soul and crushes it. How dare you give them something that is a woman with 40-10-40 measurements? WHY WERE YOU EVEN LOOKING AT THIS? Oh and if you’re a girl reader, here are like, some pajamas for you.

I got a text message with an image of one of these from a friend, and after looking into it, it seems that the great store known as Spencers (If you don’t know who they are, you’ve never been a teenager in an American mall…anywhere) has them on sale now. So if you don’t mind walking in on a bunch of probably high/drunk teenagers looking at stupid skulls with flashy eyes, pick some of these up. In-case you don’t know your Marvel superheros, it’s Black Widow, She Hulk, Captain America (with lens flare bosoms?) Spider-Girl, and Emma Frost.

I just got an email informing me that you can actually get these on the Spencers WEB SITE so you don’t have to go into some weirdo infested store.

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