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Gunnar Optiks: A Game Changer?

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I’ve been testing out Gunnar Optik glasses for a couple of weeks now, they were nice enough to send a pair our way to check out. I’ll make a disclosure now if my article feels too one sided. I have a degenerative eye disease known as Ushers Syndrome, basically, I’m going blind and the clock is ticking.

My wife made fun of me a bit, but I loved the box that it came in, a deep black with ‘GUNNAR’ written on the top. Opening it up, you see a red bottom with the glasses inserted around a large ‘G’ from the Gunnar logo. It just looked, I don’t know, sexy to me, I like sexy.

The first words that I said after putting them on was “Whoa, that is yellow.” Then I looked at my computer screen and although the yellow was very much still there, I could notice a difference immediately. The words were sharper on the websites I viewed, the clarity of everything was more clear. After about thirty minutes, I realized that the yellow hue didn’t even play a factor anymore. After the first couple of hours of drumming away on my PC at work like I normally do, I could feel the difference in my eyeballs.

Ushers Syndrome is a progressive disease, I’m pretty much night blind, my peripherals are coning into a tunnel vision, and I have what is called ‘Island Vision’ sometimes. Where, even though I’m staring at something that isn’t moving, I can’t “see” it. I can see everything around it, but it’ll take me some time of looking around until my vision finally picks up on the object. This causes ENORMOUS eye strain for me. I constantly have to find that happy medium in lighting where it isn’t too bright, or too dark and I won’t get a headache from using the computer. So, you’ll have to mind me when I’m elated about the fact that for the first time in what seems like an eternity, I could feel my eyes relaxing while I was working.

The relaxation didn’t come right away, but after only a couple of hours of wearing the glasses and staring solely at a computer screen, I had this feeling in my eyes. It wasn’t so much of a weight, but of a weight that I couldn’t feel anymore. I could actually feel something in the back half of my eyes, and it was like something that I’d lost, and forgotten it could be there. With my eyes feeling the best they have, I couldn’t stop texting my wife for one thing, I’m sure she was slightly annoyed by it. As the week went on, I felt more productive at work, the eyesore of turning away from the computer screen to do something else was gone. When I think about it, my work productivity has been on the up, with the eye strain gone, it’s less time I have to take off to relax my eyes. Honestly, having that eyesore gone, and not sitting there rubbing my eyes, or closing them for a short period of time to try and get reclaimed with the world has been fantastic. Wearing the glasses at work, I’ve noticed that switching between programs is a lot easier to handle. Colors and wording are a lot easier to pick up on the computer screen, so, if you have to look at labels on products like I do in a graphics program, it is really helpful.

The pair I had was built for being indoors, so wearing them outside, you’re better off putting the Gunnar glasses back into the carrying case or box and getting your sunglasses out. At my job we have those bleedingly bright overheard lights, and the slight glare of the lights is gone because of the tint in the Gunnar glasses. When I use my home computer though, I’ve found that more lighting is better. After two weeks, I say that having good lighting when using these things makes the overall experience better.

Gunnar doesn’t make these glasses just for us worker bees, even though it should be required by companies to give these to their employees just as much as a calculator. These are what I’ve been telling people ‘Tech Glasses’. In a sense, if you view it on a screen, these are the things you want to be wearing. These glasses are coveted in the gaming community, with people reporting better reaction times because of the clarity the glasses provide. Mind you, I have a 2.5 year old boy and a 1 month baby girl, I’m really, really hesitant about wearing them around the house to watch TV or play video games. If mine and my wife can have our $200 cellphones broken because of kids playing with them, you’ll have to bear with me as I slowly integrate a $100 pair of glasses into my household. Which as most of you parents know out there, is a hard thing to do to keep the things you really don’t want broken..unbroken. In the coming weeks, look for another article from me as I’ll be talking about my experiences with watching TV and playing Video games while wearing the glasses. Will my reaction times get better when I play games? Am I going to notice things on my shows that have been there all the time? Stay tuned to find out.

If you want to learn more about Gunnar Optik glasses, I suggest you click HERE. They have a bunch of different styles and even an Indoor/Outdoor glasses section. If you want to have a better experience sitting at a computer at work, or at home, you have to give these a try.

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