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Guile Theme Goes With Everything…Even Nichijou

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Consider this my contribution to Weeaboo Wednesday today.

Everyone knows the Guile theme from Street Fighter II and one of the best memes around right now (or in recent memory) is the inclusion of Guile’s theme over all sorts of YouTube videos. The strangest thing tends to happen on these vids, somehow it makes whatever the video was, even better!

It’s pretty hard to make the anime Nichijou more complete than it already was but as you can see below, it just works.

First up is the extremely memorable scene where the principal is believed to be dead following an attack by a deer, until…

And finally is one of the finest scenes in anime to date (yes even more so than FLCL, Macross, and Evangelion combined!). Adding Guile’s theme is the damnest thing. It makes anything more intense and more dramatic. That’s some damn fine chiptunes Capcom, bless you.

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