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GTA V Next Year, Someone Lock Up Jack Thompson Before He Hears

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It seems the proverbial cat has been let out of the proverbial bag when it comes to the fate of the Grand Theft Auto series. We know now that they’ve been developing the sequel to GTA IV for a year now thanks to the mad ramblings of everyone’s favorite analyist, Michael Pachter.

“Management declined to state when the game will launch, but has confirmed to us that the game is in development, has been for over a year, and is using the same game ‘engines’ as the last version. Mangement also told us that the team at Rockstar North is highly motivated to get the game out, and that the team understands that its highest payday will come from working on GTA instead of any other game. When we do the simple math, we conclude that the next installment is likely to be completed by some time in 2010, although given the frequency of game delays, it is not clear that it will necessarily come before October 31, 2010.”

So, after reading this we know a few things, some of them more ‘durrrr’- worthy than others. First, we will probably see GTAV next year. Second, they’re using the same game engine for the sequel. Third, Rockstar’s flagship is GTA (there’s your durrrrrr statement). Fourth, Michael Pachter is good at stating the obvious.

I can only wonder if they’re going to go the same route as GTAIII and their GTA Stories line on the PSP, and release the next one based in Vice City. It would be awesome if we got another 1980s Vice City, I need a new set of 80s songs to listen to at work.

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