GTA V by 2012?

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The rumors about “Project Rush” may be true after all.

Still no connection has been confirmed, but Gamespot recently had a talk with some sources that claim that it is already “well under way” and in the finishing stages. The source claimed that it is likely that it could be released in 2012. It has been said that it is quite vast and was quoted as “the big one.”

I’m a huge fan of the series and can’t wait to see what we have in store. If it does end up being in their mock-up of Los Angeles I’ll be a little disappointed. I would have liked to see a new location but I’ll admit that San Andreas was a fun game. Having the three sprawling cities with tons of free roaming land between them made for some great chases. Most of which ended in a Thelma & Louise style cliff jump. I guess we’ll have to wait for VI for something a little more different perhaps GTA VI: New New York?

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