Alan Smithee

GT5 Has Car Damage, PSP Won’t

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It’s about damn time that you can mess your cars up in Gran Turismo 5 when it comes out (who the hell knows when that’ll be). While it’s nice to know that ramming into a wall at top speed will finally do more than just stop you dead in your tracks, I can only hope that the ‘riding the rail’ exploit that so many of us GT fans have been using for years will force me to become a better racer.

The most interesting thing about the article that I read is that the same can’t be said for the PSP version of GT. No big shocker really, I mean the PSP does some amazing handheld gaming but it doesn’t have quite the same graphical ability that the PS3 is capable of. What was said during the Q&A with Chris Miranda and Taku Imasaki caught my immediate attention. They claim that the PSP game will feature over 800 cars and 35 tracks…considering how much time I’ve spent on the other 4 versions of GT and the PSP version of Ridge Racer, I stand to lose a whole bunch of time playing Gran Turismo on my PSP.

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