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Gran Turismo PSP Preorder Breaks Game

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bugattii veyron

Ok…this hearkens back to my rant about preorder bonuses. Today it was announced by Sony on their official blog that there is going to be a preorder redemption code that will be given out to the people who place preorders on Gran Turismo PSP. “What kind of code?” You might ask, well let me tell you…one that will end up breaking the game for many people who don’t give a shit about the type of game Gran Turismo is.

Let me try to explain…

In my opinion, the whole point behind Gran Turismo is to start off with a completely shit car that you have to spend money on to tweak and actually learn how to drive and beat the pack on the courses you race on. This code that you get for a preorder allows for you to unlock top tier cars that you probably wouldn’t see until near the end of your GT experience and way after you get your S-class license.

These cars are: the Enzo Ferrari, one of the fastest track time cars to ever to be on the road, the Bugatti Veyron, a midship quad turbo’d W-16 AWD 7-speed car that pumps out over 1,000 horsepower, the Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 (aka the Skyline), not quie the Veyron, and a couple of other cars that I don’t know/care too much about.

Having these cars at the beginning of the game makes me feel like the developers of GTPSP don’t give a shit about the history or spirit behind the Gran Turismo series. I know, I know, you could have started GT4 with your saved game data from GT3 A-Spec and have a nice cash injection, but it’s nowhere near letting you loose on the Clubman Cup routes with a fucking supercar capable of 260 miles per hour in a straightaway. Sure, maybe get yourself a Evo or even a Galant VR4, maybe even a damn Mustang, but a god dammed Veyron?!? I won’t even mention the fact that these cars are a special paint color that you’ll never see unless you preorder.

I don’t even know about guys like me who plan on buying this for the PSP Go when it’s released, are us digital distribution guys going to be screwed out of the exclusives too?

The only silver lining I can see for this news today is that we know now that Polyphony Digital has finally gotten the rights to Lamborghini and Ferrari to be in the Gran Turismo series.

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