GSP Episode XXV: America, F**k Yeah!

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Another Giant-Size Podcast is here. Designed to amuse and offend, we do a whole bunch of both this time around.

-Greg gets his Caligula love on.

-Andy uses the only unmentionable word on GSP (edited out somewhere near the end). It was our fault not for telling him that it’s the only rule besides 70’s porn references being mandatory for each episode.

-Sam brings his “Mini-Me”

-Nick loses his shit half way through. Seriously, we’re worried about him.

This episode we review Hack/Slash #1, X-Men #37 (retro-review), Powerman and Iron Fist #1, and Wolverine #5.1, with a Half-Assed-Backwards appearance by Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1.

“Whatchyoureadinabout?” Sam— Loki #2 mini-series, Andy— The Dark Knight Returns and Strikes Again (seriously?), Greg— Lil’ Depressed Boy #1, Nick— Age of X: Alpha #1.

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