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GSP: Episode XIV, “Suit of Rancid Green Bacon”

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Hey listeners, we’ve got a new Giant-Size Podcast (that was found in the couch cushions over at Greg’s Black Cat Comics store)! This episode features the GSP crew at their full capacity plus one when they invite special guest Brandon Dayton from EA and Green Monk.

This episode the guys review Sweets #1, Daredevil #508, and Superman #701 (featuring a half-assed appearance by Nomad).

Topics in the news this week

  • Warren Ellis’s Hellblazer Shoot #149
  • Donald Glover as Spider-man
  • Kevin Bacon in X-Men: First Class
  • Harvey Pekar dead at 70
  • Tron Lantern
  • Walking Dead Teaser

That’s just the tip of the iceberg this episode, so hurry up and get listening…I know you’ve been dying for a new episode! I have the stats to prove it!

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