Grimm Fairy Tales Spinoff ‘The Library’ Brings Literary Characters Together

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You remember the Grimm Fairy Tales comics? The ones with the raunchy covers? This is kind of like that, but for your mom too!

The Library is a brand new five issue mini-series from Zenescope and by Grim Fairy Tales writer Joe Brusha. Grimm Fairy Tales’ The Library follows teenager Sela Mathers and her younger brother as they come across a magical book in a rundown library that once opened brings books to life. Sela and her brother must then fight to reverse the chaos and save the Earth from destruction of literary proportions.

“I’ve always liked alternate reality stories and our Grimm Fairy Tales series is the perfect format to do one. We’ve already used a lot of well-known characters from fairy tales so we’re going to expand on that to pull in cool and interesting characters from different kinds of literature” – Joe Brusha

So imagine Huck Fin and Jay Gatsby getting into a street-fight against Zeus and Harry Potter. Yes this sound’s awesome, and yes I will be totally checking this out!

Details about the story are scant, but Brusha has confirmed that Sela, originally from the Grimm Series, is being reinvented for this new spinoff. The Library is aimed at readers of all ages and will be in comic book stores this July.

Find out more at the Zenescope Website.

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