Greg Sez – The Return!

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Hi, everybody! Yes, it’s been awhile since you’ve seen one of these. Well, I’ve been busy, okay? Those castles ain’t gonna storm themselves, you know. Anyhow, it’s nice to be back on WPR with a new edition of stuff you really should be reading. Here goes.

DC Comics

Fresh off the controversial DC “soft reboot/reboot/relaunch/re-imagining”, or whatever is the fashion to say in Hollywood these days, comes the equally controversial Catwoman #4. Judd Winick brushes off criticism by continuing the adventures of DC’s pink bra wearing cat burglar and occasional hero. After the conclusion of the first story arc, Selina Kyle is on her way to Wayne Mansion. Will it be to loot it, or to visit Batman? Does she know Bruce is Batman? Where does this take place in new continuity? Who cares. The fact of the matter is, once Winick moved past the obvious shock value content of the first few issues, the actual plot has ramped up to be quite interesting. Throw in the stylized art of Guillem March and you have a love it or hate it book. I’m still teetering on the former side of the fence.

Marvel Comics

Speaking of re-launches, Marvel’s stellar Incredible Hulk #3 sees the light of day this week. Jason Aaron has given the Green Goliath a much needed shot in the arm and injected interest back into one of Marvel’s flagship characters. After the events of Fear Itself, the Hulk and Bruce Banner are separate entities. The Hulk couldn’t care less, though. He’s happy ruling the underground Mole People, if a little bored. But Banner won’t leave well enough alone. He’s performing twisted experiments on creatures, turning them into Gamma irradiated servants, if they survive, that is. The purpose isn’t exactly what you think, though. Joining Aaron is the constantly evolving, yet familiar art of Marc Silvestri. My interest in the Hulk hasn’t been this high in years.

Fantagraphics Press

Writer and artist Michael Kupperman brings his cult hit Tales Designed to Thrizzle back to stands once again with the new #7. Tales only comes out about once a year these days, but every new issue is worth the wait, as Kupperman has perfected his offbeat style of parody, action, and just plain weirdness. With stories such as Quincy M.E., Reservoir Dogs 2, and Scary Bathtub Stories, Tales Designed to Thrizzle is a surefire hit for those looking for something different.

Moonstone Comics

Only one week after #4, this week shows the release of Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #5, as Moonstone pulls out the stops to get their tongue in cheek series back on a somewhat regular schedule. This issue features 3 different stories by Gerrad McConnell, Matt Hebb, Eric Esquivel, Ken White, and Dave Baker. While these may not be household names in comics, Z Vs. C is a great way to give new talent a try. You can also track down all 5 (!) covers if you have a variant sickness like me.


Jonesing for that new Ghostbusters movie? Well, too bad for now. What you can do for the time being is check out IDW’s newest ‘busters series with this week’s issue #4. Written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening, the adventures of all of your favorite characters continue beyond the world of the films, as well as introducing some new ones to boot. In this issue, Ray has been taken captive and Gozer has once again schemed to take over Manhattan. Can they stop the demon in time? Of course they can. Issue #5 is already scheduled to come out in January.

Image Comics

To round out this week’s books, the acclaimed writer of Who Is Jake Ellis returns with a brand new series called Activity. Issue #1 introduces Team Omaha, a group of men and women belonging to the top secret Intelligence Support Activity, or codename Gray Fox. Cutting edge technology and a license to kill helps them battle an ever increasingly deadly evolution of global warfare. Written by Nathan Edmondson and drawn by Mitch Gerads, Activity promises to be another notch on Image’s current batch of success stories.

It’s good to be back on WPR. Seems like only 9 or 10 months since I’ve been gone. Actually, I think it has been about that long. Anyway, thanks for reading, and, as always, all titles spotlighted herein are available here at Black Cat Comics in Sugarhouse, Utah. Buh-bye!

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