Greg Sez #6 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Hey, it’s me! Welcome to Greg Sez #6, where I tell you about some of the funny books that are dropping (I think the kids say “dropping”) this week. Indie fun, vampires, cartoons, and, because it’s me, zombies are featured this time around.

Image Comics

July sees the release of the 75th issue of Image’s zombie epic Walking Dead. The current storyline focuses on Rick and the rest of the survivors’ quest to fit in and regain a semblance of control in their new surroundings. Things have been getting a little uncomfortable of late, though, and if you’re familiar with writer Robert Kirkman’s zombie world, you know any sort of peace cannot last for long. With this giant-sized anniversary issue, your patience will be rewarded. And as a special bonus, artist/writer Ryan Ottley graces the pages with the first full color Walking Dead story ever in the form of a back up feature. Charlie Adlard continues his artistic run with the main story. Mature Readers Only!!!!

Marvel Comics

After the shocking events of both the Gauntlet and Grim Hunt storylines, Amazing Spider-Man #638 is the first part of the four part One Moment in Time. Marvel Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada returns to the writer’s role and attempts to reconcile any and all continuity questions that have popped up since Amazing went thrice monthly. Painter Paolo Rivera, artist of the Mythos one-shots, provides beautiful artwork to what’s sure to be one of the most talked about story threads in recent Spidey history.

DC Comics

DC’s all-ages title Tiny Titans continues to entertain with issue #30. The basic concept of the series is to take the Teen Titans and make them kids in elementary school. Their principal is Deathstroke the Terminator, the hall monitor is the Anti-Monitor, and the comic is one of the best, all ages or not, on the shelf. Writer/cover artist Art Baltazar and interior artist Franco continue the Eisner winning series in the Curly Hair issue. Flash has a salon that the Titans are lining up to get to. Seriously, Trust me, it works.

Dark Horse Comics

Sergio Aragonés’ cult classic Groo returns in the trade paperback collection of the recent mini-series Hogs of Horder. Aragonés draws, but turns the writing chores to long time collaborator Mark Evanier. The hilarious, but inept, Groo must face off against the evil, destructive force of the hogs of Horder. These nasty hogs can control your mind, will take your money, and destroy your village. Now it’s up to Groo to save the day. Good luck on that one…

IDW Comics

HBO’s monster hit True Blood premieres with a #1 issue of an all new story from the vampiric world of the award winning show. Creator Alan Ball shares writing credit with David Tischman and Mariah Huehner. Frequent IDW artist David Messina provides the pictures, and is himself no stranger to the vamps, having worked on Angel for IDW. Expect all the sex and gore you can handle from the publisher that re-invigorated the genre.

Oni Press

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Scott Pilgrim by now? The indie hit that inspires the upcoming feature film starring Michael Cera concludes with volume 6. Writer/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley wraps up the surprise hit as Scott Pilgrim faces down the last, and baddest, of his current girlfriend’s ex-beaus: Gideon Graves! The final chapter of Final Hour hits this week. Get it while you can, as the movie’s really amped up interest in the book!

Gemstone Publishing

The comic book enthusiast’s “bible”, volume 40 of the Overstreet Price Guide, is released. The industry standard for pricing, grading, and collecting has been published since 1970 and remains the last word on the subject to this day. This edition brings the choice of either a hard or soft cover version and lets you decide between either a Darwyn Cooke Captain America cover or a Mark Chiarello Batman cover.

Boom Studios

Incredibles #11 continues the adventures of the Incredibles family where the film left off. Written by Landry Walker with art by Marcio Takara, Mrs. Incredible faces off against Mirage, Frozone and Mr. Incredible investigate a break-in at Doc Sunbright’s office, and Violet and Dash fight, again. This issue also boasts a surprise last page that will supposedly have an effect in the Incredibles world for some time. Reading this book is a nearly identical experience to watching the film, as the crew over at Boom has captured the feel and the fun perfectly.

That’s all this time. Be sure to be back here next week at (roughly) the same time to find out what else you should be reading!

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