Greg Sez #5 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Yep, that's MY store here in SLC, UT.

(Editor’s Note: ran really late getting this up for Greg, be ready for a second installment later this week!) Hi there! The new Greg Sez is here! This week we have vampires, monotone supernatural investigators, cursed six-shooters, mutants, and serial killers.

IDW Comics

The crossover that nobody ever could have anticipated finally arrives. 30 Days of Night/X-Files #1 hits the stands this week. 30 Days co-creator Steve Niles writes with Tool guitarist Adam Jones to bring X-Files characters Scully and Mulder to investigate a possible cannibal killer, only to find out it’s the vicious vamps of the 30 Days world. This series is a co-production of IDW and DC imprint Wildstorm comics. Art is provided by horror legend Tom Mandrake.

Marvel Comics

X-Men: Second Coming #2 wraps up the epic storyline that has been crossing over through the X-titles for the last several months in the second bookend special written by all of the X-writers, Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, Mike Carey, and Zeb Wells. Superstar Adi Granov, the man behind the redesign of the Iron Man armor, is on art duties. The most dangerous and vicious of the X-Men’s villains have come together to wipe out mutants, especially the new addition Hope, and this is where it ends. Who will survive? Who will prosper? Who will get their own spinoff series? Find out Wednesday.

DC Comics

After the events of the War of The Supermen, Superman begins his Master of Kung Fu Kane walk the earth storyline in Superman #701. Acclaimed writer J. Michael Straczynski starts his run on one of DC’s premiere titles. Superman walks the United States alone, hoping to discover how best to keep up the fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. The new direction for the Man of Steel begins here in Grounded part 1 with art by Eddy Barrows and J.P. Mayer.

Image Comics

Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash: My First Maniac is going to get spotlighted by me once again, due to its general awesomeness combined with the lack of Image books. Cassie Hack’s first case continues after the title’s defection from Devil’s Due publishing. This is a perfect jumping on point for new readers, especially since the first issue receives a second printing this week also. Pick up both issues and find out why the series is a cult hit and is in development for a feature film for Rogue Pictures.

Dark Horse Comics

In the third incarnation of the classic, longstanding character Doctor Solar, veteran writer Jim Shooter writes Dr. Solar: Man of The Atom. After a thermonuclear catastrophe, Solar realizes he can control energy and becomes a hero, while excess energy travels through time and imbues a not-so-pure of heart man named Whitmore Pickerel with powers similar to Solar to become the other side of the coin. Pickerel creates a being called Leviathan to destroy Solar. Dennis Calero (Marvel’s various Noir series) gives the series a dark, ominous feeling. This issue also represents the very first Doctor Solar story from 1962.

Oni Press

Oni’s free comic day offering finally sees print as Sixth Gun #1 and #2 both are released this week. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brian Hurt bring the story of the darkest story of the Civil War. Six revolvers of incredible unbelievable power have fallen into the hands of six cutthroats severely lacking in goodness to say the least. The sixth gun has disappeared and ended up in the hands of an innocent girl and all hell is about to break loose. Only lone gunslinger Drake Sinclair can save the day.

12 Gauge Comics

Boondock Saints: In Nomine Paris marks the first time the cult film has had stories have been told outside the film world. Conceived as an extension to the second movie, the comic gives a better understanding of Original Saint Il Duce as well as explaining more of the violent history of the McManus Brothers. If you’ve never seen the films, a quick visit to Wikipedia will get you caught up enough to enjoy the comics. Written by Troy Duffy and J.B. Love. Art by Guss Floor.

Like I’ve said, all of these titles can be found at your local comic shop, but if you happen to be a local Utah comic geek wannabe or even a veteran, stop by my store in Salt Lake City to get them and strike up a conversation while you’re there.

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