Greg Sez #2 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Yep, that's MY store here in SLC, UT.

Hello, my peeps! (That’s “street” for marshmallow treats, by the way.) Welcome to the new “Greg Sez”. Once again, I’ll be taking a look at one book from each Diamond Previews premiere publisher, plus a few indie titles to round it out for you spandex-challenged.

It’s a fairly big week this time out, so it was a little tough to make my picks, but here goes:

DC Comics

Joker's Asylum #1DC gives Batman’s most dangerous foe another bit of time in the sun with the second volume of it’s very successful Joker’s Asylum one-shots. There are actually two issues being released this week, focusing on Harley Quinn (written by James Patrick, art by Joe Quinones) and the Mad Hatter (writen by Landry Walker, art by Bill Sienkiewicz). Each of these issues are self contained, so you neither have to read the previous series, nor the preceding issues in this one. Each of the Asylum tales has the Joker narrating an adventure starring the titular villain. Because the Clown Prince of Crime is the narrator, however, the stories end up being a little skewed due to his particular points of view. These are dark books, not terribly kid friendly, but if you want to learn more about some of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, these are for you!

Image Comics

The Walking Dead #73The Walking Dead # 73 continues the adventures of some of the most hard luck characters in comic book history. Set in the very near future, the armies of the undead, called roamers by the cast, have claimed more than one unexpected victim, which makes it one of writer Robert Kirkman’s more compelling series. When no one is safe in a story, everyone begins to matter. Of late, the ragtag group of survivors have found another group that has set up a safe haven community, fiercely defended and closed off from the dangerous outside world. But something has not felt right since the moment they arrived. The uneasiness continues this issue. Charlie Adlard also continues this issue, with an amazing 5 year plus run on the art chores. Walking Dead is suggested for mature readers. Seriously suggested for mature readers.

Marvel Comics

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #4One of the most enjoyable all-ages books of recent memory continues with Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #4. Writer Chris Eliopoulos and artist Ig Guara (don’t worry, you don’t have to pronounce their names to buy it) bring us the final installment of the Inhuman teleporting dog Lockjaw and his Pet Avengers. His team consists of Redwing (the Falcon’s bird), Hairball (Speedball’s hilarious cat), Ms. Lion (Aunt May’s dog from the old cartoon(!)), Lockheed (Shadowcat’s dragon), Zabu (Kazar’s sabretooth tiger), and the legendary Thor Frog. Yeah, this is as much fun as it sounds. The feud between Hairball and the clueless Ms. Lion is worth the price of admission on its own.

IDW Comics

Spike: The Devil You Know #1Idea & Design Works’ pickings are a bit slim this week. Their only releases this week are licensed properties, so I’m going to go with the return of the fan-favorite vampire from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Spike: The Devil You Know #1 has the British vamp encountering devil Eddie Hope and becoming involved in a vast conspiracy involving demons and blood factories. How does he get into this mess, you may ask? By drinking too much and chasing the wrong girls. So, in essence, being Spike. Brought to you by Bill Williams on writing chores and artwork by vet Chris Cross.

Dark Horse Comics

Predators #2Predators #2. The four issue comic book prequel to the forthcoming Robert Rodriguez’ film continues. A team of Navy Seals has been kidnaped and taken to the Predators’ home planet and hunted down one by one. The survivor, who looks suspiciously like Adrien Brody, has now found another survivor that he must team up with to survive. Marc Andreyko and David Lapham are the writers, Guilherme Barbi and Gabriel Guzman are the artists.


Charmed #0The recent spate of adaptations/sequels to cult television shows keeps on keeping on, as Zenescope presents Charmed #0. Writer Paul Ruditis brings us the further adventures of TV’s hottest witches. Living their lives to the fullest, the witches take on a young student, attend the funeral of the first innocent person they ever saved, and get a shared feeling of impending doom. Penciller Dave Hoover provides the very capable artwork.

Dynamite Comics

Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf #1After a long delay, the former Dabel Brothers book that never was finally hits the shelves, courtesy of new publisher Dynamite. Alpha & Omega Cry Wolf is based on bestselling author Patricia Briggs series of supernatural thrillers and tells the story of Anna, a werewolf, who disbelieved the legend of lycanthrope. Then she became one. In this adaptation, a rogue werewolf is killing innocents in the lush Montana wilderness, and Anna must try to catch it before the reality of werewolves is exposed. Set in the same world as the popular Mercy Thompson novels, Alpha & Omega is written by Briggs herself with David Lawrence with pencils and inks by Jordan Gunderson.

Well, that’s it for another installment. Come back again next week when I’m sure there will be a bunch of Avengers and Batman books for me to choose from. As always, all books can be purchased at Black Cat Comics in Sugarhouse, Utah. Hey, that’s me!

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