Greg Sez #18 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Hi and welcome to another edition of Greg Sez. This is the special holofoil, die-cut, chromium Emerald City Comicon edition. What does that mean for you? Nothing. Just that by the time you read this, I’ll already be back from Seattle, hopefully with some good scoops for WatchPlayRead!

Anyhow, let’s get started here.

Dynamite Comics

Garth Ennis’ female Punisher with a sense of humor continues this week with Jennifer Blood #2. In issue #1 we saw Jennifer, a suburban housewife by day, precise vigilante exacting her own brand of justice by night, and met her family. Her family that she drugged every night so she could have a girl’s night out shooting bad guys. Converting a small portion of her basement into a secret Bloodcave (my words), she has just completed her first mission. In issue #2, we get to meet the new neighbors, which, if the end of last issue was anything to go by, may present a bit of trouble. Art is by Adriano Batista. The only downside? $3.99. But from an independent, I can live with it.

Marvel Comics

Marvel has already explored the early part of the 20th century in their Noir series, and now extends their What If style storytelling to feudal 17th century Japan. Issue #1 detailed a masterless samurai named Logan, whereas #2 somehow spotlights the Hulk. All five issues will tie into each other to create one story. Writer Peter Milligan creates alternate Marvel history in this weekly mini-series. Future issues will feature Psylocke, Deadpool, and the Punisher. The best news of all? $2.99, baby!

DC Comics

The wait is over! At least for this bat-title. Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated #3 hits shelves at long last. Morrison’s WTF naming of character’s continues, as Batman and Catwoman travel to South America to reunite with Gaucho (!), Argentina’s Batman Incorporated representative. But their trip may be cut short when an unexpected adversary sends things spiraling downward! Although not pure gold by any means, so far this series has been a radical improvement in DC’s recent Batman mythos. Yanick Paquette provides art and the standard cover, while the variant is drawn by J.H. Williams III. $2.99. Line drawn and such.

Image Comics

Todd McFarlane keeps his promise of shipping Spawn on a regular, sometimes more than regular, basis with #204. The only person Spawn really gives a poop about has been kidnapped and a massive (wo)manhunt is underway. Clown and Spawn chase their tails throughout the city and fall right into a surprise attack by Bludd, sending them way off course and delaying even further the possibility that they might find Sarah alive. Another $2.99 book. Wow. It’s almost like these guys are wanting to sell comics this week.

Moonstone Comics

Phantom writer Mike Bullock puts a fresh look on the jungle girl genre with real world conflicts in foreign lands. Savage Beauty #1 focuses on the Rae sisters as the travel the world defending the downtrodden and defenseless. It’s kind of like Doctors Without Borders, but with skimpily clad hot girls instead of doctors. This issue also includes a reprint of a golden age Sheena story as well as lost art from the proposed Raquel Welch Sheena movie that never happened. Jose Massaroli is on art duties with Thomas Yeates and Dave Hoover on covers. $2.99 cover price. Holy monkey crap!

Dark Horse Comics

Abe Sapien finally meets and confronts the mysterious Prophet and semi-colon title madness ensues in BPRD: Hell On Earth: Gods #3. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy spinoff, which is rapidly becoming it’s own universe in it’s own right, continues with John Arcudi co-writing with Mignola. Legendary horror comic artist Guy Davis is on board as giant bat eared beasts attack the Bureau, Devon’s dark suspicions are confirmed, and a major new character is introduced. Ryan Sook provides the cover. $3.50 cover price. Oh, well. We had a good run there. At least it’s not $3.99, right?

Well, that’s all, folks. I’ll be back soon! Peace out, yo-bots, and read more comics!!

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