Greg Sez #17 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Welcome to Greg Sez #17. Last week I focused on all-ages books. This week I’m back to where I should be. After all, what would Greg Sez be without an issue of a sick Avatar book. In this case, a new issue of Crossed, guaranteed to offend everyone, including me!

Avatar Press

The horribly ironically named Crossed: Family Values #7 hits this week. In the conclusion of writer David Lapham and penciler Javier Barreno’s limited series, things finally get wrapped up, albeit in a very ugly manner. In the past, we’ve seen Salt Lake City burned and worse, the family unit disintegrate into Jerry Falwell’s deepest, darkest nightmare, and content that has made more than one shop in the country quit stocking it. In #7, Addie in finally confronted by her Crossed mother, as an army of the Crossed is making it’s way toward the survivors’ stronghold. Will Addie elude the infected and make it out alive? Hell, will anybody elude the infected and make it out alive? This issue ships with the usual variants, is $3.99, and will not be sold to anybody under the age of 18.

Drawn & Quarterly

Indie comics sensation Adrian Tomine releases his hardcover graphic novel (or “fat comic book”) this week called Scenes From An Impending Marriage. At the suggestion of his fiancé, Tomine had assembled a more personal gift for the attendees of his wedding: a true comic book telling the lead-up to his vows. He has now reprinted and published this personal odyssey for all to see. Filled with experiences that anyone with a spouse is sure to relate to, the reader will be able to experience the laughter, planning, and frustration that goes into the event, as well as a telling of how the book came to be, as part of the book itself.

Marvel Comics

Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault is an untold tale featuring Marvel’s good doctor’s first night spent in his legendary Greenwich Village home. 177A Bleeker Street has been Dr. Strange’s residence for decades, and now the story of the historic building can finally be told. What secrets lie within it’s walls? Who, or what, haunts it’s foundations? Why was Dr. Strange drawn to that specific place to live and practice his magic? All these questions and more will be answered, courtesy of legendary scribe Roger Stern and artist Neil Vokes. Mario Albert provides the gorgeous cover.

DC Comics

DC introduces us to their online world this week with DC Universe Online Legends #1. Fan fave writer Tony Bedard is joined with veteran writer Marv Wolfman to expand the story of DC’s newest MMO game. DC is taking quite a gamble, announcing that Legends will be a 26 issue, bi-weekly event, with the first issue’s release coinciding with the premiere of the game. With a stable of artists, including Howard Porter, Livesay, Adriana Melo, and Norman Lee in #1 alone, DC’s latest year long event kicks off! Ed Benes is the cover artist, with a variant by Ryan Sook.


Steve Niles’ Doc Macabre wraps up it’s mini-series with #3 of 3. Doc Macabre, monster hunter for hire, teams with his robot assistant Lloyd after perfecting his artificial haunting detector, and has finally discovered who the culprit is. As most of Niles’ creations at IDW do, this series ties very loosely into other works, in this case his Dead, She Said mini from 2008, as Coogan and The Ghoul show up to help Macabre in his quest. Amazingly detailed art by one of horror’s defining talents by the name of Bernie Wrightson perfectly compliments the story.

Image Comics

The 6th series of Bomb Queen finally concludes with #4. This time around Bomb Queen, a villain who is the mayor of her own corrupt city, is taken on by none other than President Barack Obama, as he tries to clean up the filth of the streets, much of it put there by the Queen herself. Jimmie Robinson handles both writing and artistic chores on his deliciously dark creator-owned series. Prepare to see the streets run red in this, and I stress strongly, mature reader title…this means YOU! You sad parents who think it’s ok to buy your kid whatever they want.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse’s violent, epic, long running manga series continues with Blade Of The Immortal Vol. 23. Creator, writer, and artist Hiroaki Samura chronicles the story of Habaki Kagimura, a former general for Edo castle, who is forced to commit ritual suicide for his failures. There is, however, one last ditch chance to redeem himself. He must assemble his remaining loyal warriors to hunt down the despised and brutal Itto-ryu gang and wipe them out for good. This volume also features the return of main protagonist Manji, along with a few old friends.

That’s it for this time. Remember, whatever you read, enjoy! Or if you don’t, come back and buy some more until you get it right. Thanks for reading!

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