Greg Sez #14 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Yep, that's MY store here in SLC, UT.

Welcome to Greg Sez #14, now apparently written whenever the hell I feel like it. This week we look at some heavy hitters from the major publishers, some great local talent, and a bunch of goofy indie stuffs!

Badness Comics

Local writer/artist Tim Odland’s 2010 24 hour comic, or as he calls it, “a botched 24 hr. comic,” (a description which I can’t share the sentiment of) Curse of the Raven is a mini-comic, similar in size to much of other local standby Derek Hunter’s output. Don’t let the size scare you, though. Sometimes small packages contain some big stuff, and that’s the case here. Curse tells the story of a young Native American brave trying to understand the influx of white settlers in the early days of America. He’s approached by a chief not of his tribe and told of the eventual downfall of the white man’s culture. Without spoiling anything, Tim manages to expertly fold in racial persecution, religion, history, prophecies, and zombies. Yeah, zombies. Curse of the Raven is available here at Black Cat Comics for only $2.00. More information can be gotten here.

Marvel Comics

Avengers #7 continues the grand tradition of changing the roster for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Always an unstable lineup from the early days of the original series, the new issue of the new series introduces the Red Hulk as a possible new member. I say possible because I was able to get an advance copy from Marvel and let’s just say it doesn’t go well for the Avengers. Now, I’m certainly not a Red Hulk fan, quite the opposite. But, since the majority of the issue contains him getting his ass handed to him, I enjoyed it! Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mike Deodato Jr., this reads a lot better than the Loeb/McGuiness solo Red Hulk stories.

DC Comics

DC begins yet another ongoing Batman title this week with Batman Incorporated #1. Following the startling revelation of Batman And Robin #16, Bruce Wayne publicly sets up funding for Batman and the entire Batman family and “incorporates” the Dark Knight. Grant Morrison takes his ideas established in the Batman universe and is given a blank canvas to run with it. Even though I’ve not enjoyed Morrison’s take on the bat-mythos, this is the starting point for the foreseeable future of all related titles, so is a must read for fans interested in where things are headed. The last few issues I’ve read of Batman And Robin have actually been pretty good. If Morrison can keep the storyline in this book and a little more straightforward, I’m on-board. Art is by Yanick Paquette.

Dark Horse Comics

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola returns to script the one-shot Double Feature of Evil. This issue finds Hellboy in two separate stories: one involving a carnivorous, man-eating house and one involving a pagan temple. The connection between them is the gnawing hunger of both locations for human souls. Mignola also delivers the cover, with issue artist Richard Corben providing a variant. These self contained Hellboy adventures have been a lot of fun and have resulted in a renewed interest in the character. Pick this up and find out why!

Image Comics

Haunt #11 marks a welcome return to regular release dates for Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane’s titular character. Doctor Shillinger is dead, but before his demise, he was working very Herbert West like on reanimating dead tissue. Turns out that along the way, he discovered something even more deadly. That discovery has now been posthumously perfected, which spells nothing but trouble for Haunt. Do I smell zombies? Written by Kirkman, penciled by Greg Capullo, inked by McFarlane.


IDW’s fan-favorite and cult classic Last Unicorn mini-series wraps up with the sixth issue. The final chapter in the quest for the last unicorns comes with death, heartache, death, the power of love, and death. The unicorn faces the power of the Red Bull at last and must choose whether to save the man that loves her or to save her species. This just sounds weird. Written by Peter Beagle and Peter Gillis. Art by Renae De Liz. Covers by De Liz and Frank Stockton.

Moonstone Comics

This time’s guilty pleasure comes courtesy of Moonstone in the form of Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #2. In a story remarkably similar to the Last Unicorn, the world’s last zombie and the world’s last surviving cheerleader must decide whether to destroy each other, or if they can learn to co-exist. Also, since it’s an anthology, we get even more stories of hot popular girl/zombie action!!! Ace writer and Black Cat pal Brandon Jerwa is joined by Bill Maus and Steven L. For writing duties, while the art side falls to Maus, Remy Mokhtar, and Benjamin Brandon. There’s also a bunch of variant covers for idiots like me that must have them all (thank god I never played Pokemon…). And, in a genuinely inventive turn, the back cover is sketch friendly; ala Marvel’s blank get-a-sketch covers!

Well, thanks for reading, and thanks once more to the guys here for allowing me to ramble about one of the greatest things on Earth: comics!

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