Greg Sez #13 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Yep, that's MY store here in SLC, UT.

Welcome to Greg Sez #13, your weekly guide to the good stuff! See how funny I am? There’s the first joke right there. Weekly. *ahem* Bi-Weekly. Second joke. Man, I’m on a roll.

Anyhow, here’s some great stuff coming out this week that you really should check out!

Avatar Press

Crossed: Family Values #5 hits this Wednesday, and writer David Lapham keeps up the uncomfortableness, shocks, and insanity, managing to actually up the ante of original writer/creator Garth Ennis. The Family Values portion of the title is rather sick pun, as this second series chronicles the adventures of the Pratt family. The father is abusive (in many ways nearly too difficult to read), the mother oblivious, one sister a perennial victim, and the other sister a strong woman who’s had enough, but stuck in a horrible situation. This is the main focus of the series, as they fight off the infected psychopaths bearing the crossed scarring on their faces, from their farm in Utah. The story is especially jarring when the father becomes the only person that can save them. This is a tough book to get through, but those who are not weak of heart will be rewarded with a truly great story. Javier Barreno continues to improve each issue, and is well on his way to becoming another excellent artist in Avatar’s already impressive stable. And, I can’t say this enough, but FOR MATURE READERS ONLY!!!

Marvel Comics

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s creator owned series Scarlet continues with issue #3. Scarlet, a tough as nails woman pushed to the brink, has had enough of the world as it is, and is starting a street level revolution that will change the status quo for good. At least it will if she is able to follow through with her plans without getting taken out by the various scumbags she’s set her sights on. Scarlet is truly an original vision, with the lead character breaking the fourth wall and narrating her own story to the reader! Maleev’s dark, gritty artwork compliments the violent goings on of what, hopefully, is only the beginning for Scarlet’s adventures. This one is recommended for mature readers, too, but not nearly as sternly as Crossed.

DC Comics

DC tries it one more time with a brand new Superboy #1, and this time it just might work. Utilizing the talents of new wunderkind writer, Jeff Lemire, and pencils by Pier Gallo, whom I’m not familiar with, but he sounds French, or at least Canadian, Superboy is thrust into the secret underbelly of Smallville. In this brand new ongoing series, he finds that all is not as it seems in the sleepy little all-American town, and some of these secrets that are unearthed have ties to the Boy of Steel that could affect his character for years to come! Best of all? This is a brand new series that starts out at $2.99, demonstrating DC’s new policy of keeping their cover prices lower. Bravo, DC!


The first collection of Kill Shakespeare sees the light of day, as IDW’s surprise hit becomes available to new readers to get them up to speed. Kill Shakespeare is the story of a group of heroes, made up of the Bard’s characters such as Hamlet, Juliet, and Othello, as they fight all of the evil ones from the stories, including Lady Macbeth and Largo, and protect the great wizard known as William Shakespeare. With the book getting much national attention with various media outlets like NPR, prices for individual issues have skyrocketed and they have become increasingly hard to find. The trade paperback is the perfect way for those curious about the story to give it a shot.


I’m just going to cut and paste the Image solicitation for the Mindless Self Indulgence one-shot that comes out this week. That way, if they are a real band, I can look cool and hip for knowing all about them. If they’re not a real band, I won’t look like a tool for touting their “true” comic book adventures. Here goes:

TRUE tales of HORROR and INSANITY that will chill you right to the BONE. From MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, the internationally acclaimed original electro punk band, comes true never before told stories from the road. THRILL as rowdy fans throw junk at the band! SHIVER as band members are hauled off to jail! WATCH in awe as venues are trashed! Real stories, written and experienced by the band, with art by JESS FINK.

Whatever the situation is, this looks like an awesome book in the tradition of older, indie style comics. It also looks to be, along with a trade paperback, exactly one third of Image’s output this week, including the Top Cow imprint.

Dark Horse Comics

The merchandising juggernaut that is George Lucas continues to destroy all in it’s path as well as giving fans integral parts of the Star Wars mythos in comic form. Old Republic #5 (of a six issue mini-series) tells the story of the emperor’s ongoing hunt for an apprentice, pitting Sith against Sith. Young Sith Teneb Kel must prove his worth to the Dark Council by capturing Exal Kressh, but this in itself leads only to more questions, as Teneb begins to wonder what motivates his masters and why he was assigned this particular task. Written by senior game writer Alexander Freed and featuring gorgeous artwork by Dave Ross, this series ties into the MMOG game LucasArts and BioWare.


Tapping into the geek’s psyche by creating an entire franchise around scantily clad buxom women, blood and guts, and retelling old fairy tales, Zenescope’s goldmine never runs dry. The second Wonderland annual is seen this week. This story, by long time series contributor and all around nice guy Raven Gregory, centers on the long line of people that have fallen victim to the evil Looking Glass in the Liddle home. Now the influence of the Glass has extended far beyond the house, and it appears that nothing can stop it.

Well, that’s it for this week. If you really need more, it seems that our Giant Size podcast is getting posted about twice a week lately, so make sure you subscribe through And come see me here at Black Cat Comics. When you do, tell me what you think about the column and the podcast. Thanks for reading!!!

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