Greg Sez #11 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Welcome to Greg Sez #11, the first on the new schedule for my column. Doing this every two weeks instead of every week allows me to focus a little harder on some indie, out of the way titles, and provide even more coverage of new comics. Let us know if you like it better every week or every two.

Bongo Comics

Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #16 marks the fifteenth straight year that Bongo has published the fan favorite annual based on the popular cartoon special on television. The comic version is a little different, however. Bongo typically lines up top flight indie and mainstream creators to pitch in on the anthology. This year, Evan Dorkin, Kelley Jones, and Peter Kuper, among others, are on hand to tell the humorous, spooky stories the title is known for. Join them and read the tale of conquering aliens intercepting the messages of Professor Frink, a take on a classic Edgar Allen Poe story, and none other than Motorhead’s Lemmy taking Homer on a rocking trip straight to hell!

Ardden Press

Ardden brings back Casper the Friendly Ghost’s third and final issue of the series Casper and the Spectrals just in time for his 60th anniversary. The evil menace known only as Volbragg is about to take over and enslave New York City and the only one that can save the city is Casper. The only catch is that he has to overcome his differences with Hot Stuff and Wendy in order to do it, and try to save the new race called the Spectrals. Written by comics vet Todd Dezago, and art by Leanne Hannah, this is the perfect all-ages Halloween treat!

DC Comics

The new issue of the recently re-launched Flash series, #5, sees release this week. A Brightest Day tie-in, Geoff Johns pens a bizarre event in the DC universe that ties long time Flash villains Reverse-Flash and Captain Boomerang together in part 5 of the 6 part and extremely long titled storyline Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues. Also, Flash finds himself in the middle of a war between the Rogues and the Renegades. The artwork and cover is provided by Francis Manapul, with a 1-in-10 white lantern variant by Ryan Sook.

Marvel Comics

The unlikely rise of Deadpool to the top of the company’s most popular icons continues with Deadpool Team-Up #889. Rising star Jeff Parker writes the adventures of the Merc with a Mouth as he teams up with Atlas member Gorilla Man. In classic “team-up” style, though, they are set upon each other by an enemy, and with Deadpool’s propensity to wreak havoc wherever he goes coupled with Gorilla Man’s ability to fire uzis with his hands and feet, you know all hell breaks loose! Steve Sanders provides artwork with a Humberto Ramos cover.

Image Comics

The Walking Dead #77 arrives and only continues to turn up the heat for the characters and the series’ popularity as the AMC television series rapidly approaches. The survivors of the living dead populated world have found refuge in a walled community of people that have escaped the horrors of the outside world, but not unscathed. Loyalties are tested and the mental health of most of the characters is questioned as this nail biting series continues. Writer Robert Kirkman’s only description for this issue is “no one can be trusted”. If you’re familiar with the series, you know that these ominous words ring true. Charlie Adlard continues his amazing artistic run in the zombie title that nobody, from the main characters to new supporting ones, is never safe.


IDW has a new imprint called MGM Midnite Movies, and It! The Terror From Beyond Space #3 is the third part of their update of the 1958 sci-fi film. An astronaut is returning to Earth alone, the remaining members of the expedition dead. The survivor is suspected of murdering them, but unbeknownst to all awaiting his arrival, there is a vicious, man-eating alien hiding in the cargo bay, itching to get to our home planet where a delicious buffet awaits! Artist Mark Dos Santos and writer Dara Naraghi update the cheesy cult fave for a modern comic audience.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse’s third collection of Robert E. Howard’s famous creation Kull the Conqueror collects the 1970’s Marvel issues of Creatures on the Loose, Monsters on the Prowl, and Kull’s own first nine issues. These comics are tough to get, but the folks at Dark Horse have given them the same treatment as Conan got, with all re-colored and re-mastered pages. Legendary creators like Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Wall Wood, and Bernie Wrightson are among the talents on display. The best news of all? It’s a massive 216 pages and only $13.99.

Heavy Metal

There have been two films, with another one in the works, based on and around Heavy Metal, the pivotal and influential adult comic magazine. Of late, they have been concentrating more and more on translating and releasing European fantasy comics. November 2010’s issue, arriving on the 22nd of this month, continues that practice, reprinting the Polish graphic novel Biocosmos: Savas. I’ve seen samples of the artwork, which looks to be a stunning painted sci-fi epic, but little specifics can be found.

Well, that does it for this episode. Thanks for reading, enjoy whatever comics you pick up this week, and don’t force the Force, baby. Let it ride!

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