Greg Sez #10 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Yep, that's MY store here in SLC, UT.

Welcome to Greg Sez #10, where I let you all know what cool stuff is hitting the shelves this week, this time with 20% more French! Due to Labor Day, the shipment is delayed until Thursday the 9th, so don’t get too excited and break down the doors a day early, now, kids.

[Editor’s Note: Greg had this turned into us last week, well before Wednesday came, but the editorial staff was too lazy to get it posted. We promise that this week, the new Greg Sez will be up on time. Thanks for being patient! ~XR]

Marvel Comics

Get a double dose of Spider-Man this week as both Amazing Spider-Man #641 and #642 ship this time around. Writer Joe Quesada concludes his mini-arc One Moment In Time with #641and attempts to sort out some of the continuity questions resulting from the “reboot” a few years back. In this issue, we find out exactly why the world has forgotten the identity of Spider-Man made public during Civil War and see (hopefully) a final answer in Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s relationship, or lack thereof. Art is by Paulo Manuel and Quesada himself. This sets the stage for the future in the Spider-world, and dives right into… issue #642. Norman Osborn’s creepy love-child is born, and every major villain in the Marvel Universe wants a sample of pure Goblin blood for their own nefarious purposes. Writer Mark Waid and artist Paul Azaceta begin the newest chapter of Spidey’s life. Spoilers? It won’t end well. Each issue also contains a 2 page feature by the one and only Stan Lee and Marcos Martin.

DC Comics

An all star crew is on hand for DC’s latest retro war comics one-shot. Weird War Tales has three different short stories by talent as Darwyn Cooke, Ivan Brandon, and Gabriel Hardman. Nic Klein and Jan Strnad round out the roster as they present three original tales involving zombies, dinosaurs, and deep sea horror. Weird War has had several incarnations, with each being enjoyable. Topped off by a cover by Cooke, this time looks no different.

Boom Studios

Boom keep on trucking with their successful sting of licensed properties from Pixar with Toy Story #6. With surprisingly kid-friendly writing by Jesse Blaze Snider (son of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider. Really) and art that captures the spirit of the film perfectly by Nathan Watson, this issue once again deals with the toys’ jealousy. This time it’s over a new video game, which forces Andy to use his imagination less and less and has a less than desirable effect on the toys. Imagination is not a problem for Buzz Lightyear, however, for he has come up with a conspiracy theory to explain the mysterious disappearance of several toys from Andy’s room. Just because you’re paranoid, Buzz, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. Watch out for grassy knolls.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse releases the Dr. Horrible trade paperback (or graphic novel for you discriminating fans), based on the formerly cult, now mainstream Emmy winning Joss Whedon creation. Included in this collection are three digital comics from the now defunct MySpace Dark Horse Presents, the one-shot comic book, and an all new 16 page story, detailing the secret evil organization The League Of Evil. The book is written by Zack Whedon (Joss’ brother) with art by Eric Canete, Farel Dalrymple, Joëlle Jones, and Jim Rugg. It’s an 80 page softcover with a price of only $9.99.


IDW’s weekly 5 issue mini-series 5 Days To Die #2 continues the story of Ray Crisara, a cop who survives a bad auto accident, only to awaken and discover his wife dead and his daughter in critical condition. And that’s not all. Ray has gotten a brain injury that allows him only five days of life. Believing the accident was a botched assassination attempt by the drug lord he was investigating, Ray now has five days to find out what happened and make the responsible parties pay, all the while trying to be there for his injured daughter. Andy Schmidt writes, fan favorite Chee draws.


Grimm Fairy Tales celebrates a milestone in the independent comic world: the 50th issue. Series regular Sela and her forces for good prepare for battle against the nefarious Darkhorde. GFT began as a bunch of self-contained, cheesecake, gore soaked, fun adaptations of fairy tales, but has now expanded into it’s own universe and has some continuity, but no so much that one can’t still pick up a random issue and enjoy it. Written by Joe Brusha, #50 has no less than five covers by Al Rio, Eric Basaldua, Angel Medina, Francesco, and a special Haiti relief limited cover.

Just briefly, I usually include an Image title in here as well, but nothing was really turning my crank this week. So you know, though, Spawn #199 and Broken Trinity Pandora’s Box #3 are finally arriving Thursday.

Thanks for reading, and comic up, people!
Je suis le Juggernaut, salope!

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