Green River Killer: A True Detective Story – Review

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If you’ve ever watched Law and Order or any of the procedural crime dramas on TV today you’ve likely realized that solving crimes as quickly as they do isn’t terribly realistic. Well the Green River Killer shows you what hunting down a serial killer is really like, meaning it can take years and thousands of hours investigating and still not get a break.

Green River Killer is a graphic novel written by Jeff Jensen based on the story of his father Tom Jensen, the lead detective in this very real case of Seattle’s Green River Killer. The comic portrays Tom’s early life, how he became a detective and how the hunt for the Green River Killer took 20 years to solve.  I’d like to say it’s filled with big clues, gun fights and a rogue cop doing things his way. Instead you get a great picture of how non-TV cops really work, day after day hunting down leads and trying to bring peace to the families of this killer’s victims.

I actually thought it was a great read, you get some history and a lot of insight into how policing really works. The entire novel is also done in black and white, honestly this is usually a bad thing for me. I might be spoiled in my old age but I just like my comics in full color. However, it lends something to the reality of the story and I think forces artist Jonathan Case to bring more emotion into both the characters and the backgrounds they fill. You watch Detective Jensen and his family age as the case continues on and he also does a great job of accurately portraying the killer both as a young and old man.

I found it entertaining and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in true crime or police work of the non-CSI variety.

Overall = 86%



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