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Green Lantern – First Glance at Sinestro

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Man, every bit of news about this movie makes me more and more excited.Last week we got to see Ryan Reynolds in his full costume for the new Green Lantern movie being made by Warner Brothers…today we get to take a look at the face of Mark Strong as Sinestro.

Mr. Strong might be best remembered from movies like Sherlock holmes where he played Lord Blackwood, or as Septimus in the movie version of the Neil Gaiman novel Stardust. That’s not all, it seems to me that Strong is quickly becoming the “GOTO” guy for movie villains. Hopefully that didn’t just spoil the story of Green Lantern for you.

If that didn’t, this will: Sinestro (a relative through marriage to Abin Sur) is the mentor for Hal Jordan through his early career as a member of the Green Lantern Corps, who we come to find out, becomes quite the villain to Hal and the rest of the GLC. I sincerely hope that they don’t try to cram him in as the villain in this movie and save it for the sequel (which we all know is forthcoming). I can hope, but it already seems like they’re trying to have Hector Hammond and Parallax in the same film.

I guess we’ll just have to adopt the WPR standard of “wait and see” with this one. However, I’m already sold.

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