Ryan Wilson

Great Scott! Back to the Future Blu-Rays Coming With Gift!

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Boy, do I have some exciting news to release to you readers today. Along with 3 great films remastered in high-definition, the upcoming Back to the Future Blu-ray release is coming with another special gift for buyers: a promo code for the first episode Telltale Games 5-part adventure, Back to the Future: The Game. Telltale Games is responsible for the amazing Sam & Max and Monkey Island revival games, so many of us are extremely excited to see what they can accomplish with this beloved (and sorely lacking in games that don’t cause rage aneurysms) franchise. Even more exciting is the fact that Christopher Lloyd will be reprising his Doc Brown role!

The free episode code will be redeemable for a PC or Mac copy of the title, but the game, which is still on the ambiguous release date of 4th quarter 2010, will be released on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, and iOS as well.

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