Grasshopper reveal Shadows of the Damned at TGS

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We’ve known for a while that famed developers Suda51(No More Heroes, Killer 7), Shinji Mikami (Creator of Resident Evil!), and Akira Yamaoka (Sound director for the Silent Hill franchise) were making what could be very well be the gaming equivalent of a superband. Today at the Tokyo Game Show, this was revealed to be Shadows of the Damned.

The game is a survival horror title following Garcia, a professional demon hunter, who must travel to hell after his love is abducted by demonic forces. That’s about as much as we know so far.

The superband are promising a mix of battling and puzzles as Garcia makes his way through Satan’s playground as well as over-the-top boss battles, courtesy of Suda51 and Mikami. Of course, the musical score is being done by Yamaoka and you only need to hear the first few seconds of the game’s trailer to see his influence at work.
The game is set to be released in Summer 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Catch the first trailer below.

You can clearly see the influences of both developers in the trailer. The glimpses we see of the game’s over-the-shoulder combat is very reminiscent of Resident Evil 4 whereas Suda51’s influence shows through the dark humour and exposition. I also thought there was a dash of Castlevania in there, but that might just be me. The trailer itself is pretty standard as far as video game trailers go, but it’s very hard not to be excited for such a game when you look at who’s working on it.

We’ll be keeping an eye on it in the future, that’s for sure. The official website can be found HERE

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